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  • I'm a Defense Contractor for the Pentagon
    with Ashley Stahl and Jenna Connour - January 28, 2015
    For those who dream of a career in foreign policy or the government, a position with the Pentagon may be the ultimate dream job. In this episode of “You Do What?” Jenna Connour is joined by Ashley Stahl, who discusses her experience as a defense contractor for the Pentagon. Ashley is currently a career coach, professional speaker, and the founder of Ashley Stahl Coaching; but before pursuing her current career path, she ser...
  • I'm a Professional Mini-Golfer
    with Rick Baird and Tim Muma - November 4, 2014
    Income can come from just about anywhere, even something that many of us see as a recreational activity with the family. Rick Baird is a professional golfer - of the miniature kind - as he has competed professional in putt-putt for 30 years. Rick was recently inducted in the Professional Putters Association Hall of Fame and is one of only three people in the world to ever shoot a perfect game with 18 holes-in-one in a row....
  • I'm a Taxi Driver
    with Red (Richard) Christensen and Tim Muma - July 29, 2014
    Has it ever crossed your mind that being a taxi driver might be for you? Depending on where you live, taxis are often a necessity, and it's certainly an interesting profession to be a part of no matter where you work. Tim Muma gets some details from Red Christensen, Vice President of American United Taxi Services, as he speaks about his 40 years of experience in the transportation industry to fill us all in on the required...
  • Firearms Instructor
    with Deb Ferns and Tim Muma - April 9, 2014
    Whether it's for self-defense, competition or something fun to try out, many individuals are trying their hands at firearms training. Deb Ferns, Co-Founder and Camp Director of Babes with Bullets, is a world-class competitive shooter and saw a need for a female-focused organization to help women with their specific needs. Deb explains why women are coming to these classes and why she loves to teach the skills invovled.
  • American Kennel Club Judge
    with Betty Regina Leininger and Cady Chesney - February 28, 2014
    Hundreds of dog breeds exist across the world, and they all gather at various dog shows across the globe to compete against each other. The fate of these dogs rests in the hands of American Kennel Club judges, who choose the best dog in each category. Join host Cady Chesney as she discovers the ins and outs of becoming an American Kennel Club Judge with 2014’s Westminster Kennel Club’s Best in Show judge, Betty Regina Leini...
  • I'm a Blogger
    with Miranda Marquit and Courtney Omernick - December 19, 2013
    As blogging has become increasingly popular over the years, many individuals are starting to take their online journals and develop them into their personal businesses, or utilize their talents to blog for other businesses. Courtney Omernick sit down with Miranda Marquit, blogger and author of the book, "Confessions of a Professional Blogger," to discuss her background in blogging and a few tips for those looking to enter t...
  • I'm a Voice Actor
    with Naomi Mercer and Tim Muma - December 17, 2013
    You hear them all the time, but often don't know what they look like, the amount of work they do or the variety of voices they can offer up. We're talking, of course, about voice actors - the individuals who lend their vocal chords to commercials, cartoons and promos for TV and film (among other things). Naomi Mercer has been a top performer in the industry for a decade, lending her voice to a large variety of roles. She gi...
  • I'm a Sommelier
    with Christopher Bates and Cady Chesney - December 7, 2013
    A sommelier is a trained and knowledgeable wine professional, and they often help individuals order wine to complement their meal in a fine dining establishment. Master Sommeliers face a rigorous testing process, often referred to as the world's toughest test, in order to earn their diploma from The Court of Master Sommeliers. Cady Chesney sits down with Master Sommelier, Christopher Bates, to learn how to become a sommelier.
  • I'm the One and Only Santa Claus
    with Santa Claus and Tim Muma - December 6, 2013
    Every December 24th, millions of kids go to sleep with visions of a bearded fellow in red and white entering their homes and leaving presents under the tree. In an exclusive interview with LJNRadio, Tim Muma sits down with the one and only Santa Claus to discuss his career, how things have changed, and the best and worst parts of the job. He's been around for hundreds of years, so he has plenty of experience to share.
  • I Play Santa Claus
    with John Sullivan and Tim Muma - December 1, 2013
    Go to any mall, head to a holiday party or even a charity event, and you're likely going to see someone playing the role of Santa Claus during the holiday season. John Sullivan has been Santa for more than two decades and runs Santa in Chicago to feature "Santa related" events. He joins Tim Muma to talk about the different roles Santas can take on, the type of personality that is needed to succeed, and he gives us some of t...