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  • How Much Should a Name Matter in Hiring?
    with Sabrina Baker and Tim Muma - September 11, 2014
    There has been a lot of buzz in the human resources industry about an individual by the name of Jose Zamora and his inability to get a job interview. He claims that once he changed his name to Joe on his resume, the calls and emails started coming. Sabrina Baker, an experienced human resources professional and founder of Acacia HR Solutions, talks with Tim Muma about Jose's situation and the validity of his discovery. Sabri...
  • Insight on Flexible Work Environments
    with Sabrina Baker and Tim Muma - April 14, 2014
    Some employers continue to be skeptical when the idea of flexible work environments are brought up as a positive influence on employees and the company as a whole. Acacia HR Solutions founder, Sabrina Baker, a consultant and human resources professional, joins Tim Muma to talk about the variety of options employers have when contemplating a move to a flexible work environment. She also explains the far-reaching benefits for...